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Our Values

Allectus was the treasurer who became the Emperor of Britain in 293AD. He was a soldier and sailor and commanded one of the largest fleets in the ancient Roman world. An economist and scholar, he oversaw the monetary reform of the Roman currency in Britain through some of the first quantitative easing in the Empire. He died defending his troops and the sovereignty of his country.

Today, our team adopts the same philosophy of stewardship in our values, and seeks to back founders and companies who are aligned to our vision. Our four values are Place Integrity First, Serve With Purpose, Demand Excellence and Commit Fully.

Place Integrity First

We will not invest in companies that do not align with our values, regardless of financial attractiveness. Great businesses are built upon integrity and trust, and open and transparent dealings. They act with responsibility and consideration, to generate benefit for all stakeholders, direct and indirect.

Serve With Purpose

Compelling investment opportunities serve others and generate great value for society. We understand that large investment outcomes come from solving large  problems over the long term. Our founders have a deep sense of purpose, from personal experience of the problem they are solving.

Demand Excellence

Outliers are built on a relentless focus on being the best. Our team supports and challenges our portfolio to embody excellence in every aspect of their journey. We are dedicated to pursuing superior results and creating superior value. We invest in businesses and people that think differently and challenge conventional wisdom.

Finishing Line

Commit Fully

We understand that impacting the world is complex and punishing. Great teams commit totally and passionately when obstacles arise. They work harder, faster and innovate because they are mission-driven. We constantly seek learning, reflection and improvement.

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